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Private Treatment Fees

Examination & Diagnosis:From:PlanSaving
Examination – Simple£33.00No Charge 
Examination – Extensive£50.00No Charge 
Radiograph (Small)£10.00No Charge 
Radiograph (Panoral)£48.00£38.40£9.60
Full Case Assessment£100.00£80.00£20.00
Diagnostic Wax-Ups & PlanningPOA  
Hygienist Treatment:From:PlanSaving
Scale & Polish – Dentist£30.00No Charge 
Scale & Polish – Hygienist£37.00No Charge 
Scale & Polish – Hygienist Plan-C£37.00£29.60£7.40
Scale & Polish – Extensive£50.50£40.40£10.10
Treatment of Gum Disease (2-Visit)£101.00£80.80£20.20
Treatment of Gum Disease (4-Visit)£202.00£161.60£40.40
Treatment of Gum Disease (6-Visit)£303.00£242.40£60.60
Amalgam – Small£60.00£48.00£12.00
Amalgam – Medium£70.00£56.00£14.00
Amalgam – Large£80.00£64.00£16.00
Composite – Small£85.00£68.00£17.00
Composite – Medium£105.00£84.00£21.00
Composite – Large£125.00£100.00£25.00
Temporary Repair£45.00£36.00£9.00
Crowns & Bridges:From:PlanSaving
Crown – Standard£395.00£316.00£79.00
Crown – Superior£445.00£356.00£89.00
Crown – Premier£495.00£396.00£99.00
Bridge Per Unit – Standard£375.00£300.00£75.00
Bridge Per Unit – Superior£425.00£340.00£85.00
Bridge Per Unit – Premier£475.00£380.00£95.00
Porcelain Veneer£395.00£316.00£79.00
Tooth Whitening:From:PlanSaving
Tooth Whitening – Opalesence£275.00£220.00£55.00
Tooth Whitening – Zoom£495.00£396.00£99.00
Tooth Whitening – Top Up Syringe£26.00£20.80£5.20
Root Canal Treatment:From:PlanSaving
Complex Endodontics£425.00£340.00£85.00
Oral Surgery:From:PlanSaving
Simple Extraction£90.00£72.00£18.00
Soft Tissue Extraction£110.00£88.00£22.00
Surgical Extraction£140.00£112.00£28.00
Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction£180.00£144.00£36.00
Complete Dentures£600.00£480.00£120.00
Partial Dentures 1-3 Teeth£340.00£272.00£68.00
Partial Dentures 4-8 Teeth£395.00£316.00£79.00
Partial Dentures (Upper & Lower)£530.00£424.00£106.00
Chrome Dentures (Per Denture)£500.00£400.00£100.00
Additions/Repairs (Plus Lab-Fee)£40.00£32.00£8.00
Dental Implants:From:PlanSaving
Implant Retained – Crowns£2,400.00£2,160.00£240.00
Implant Retained – Bridges£2,950.00£2,655.00£295.00
Implant Retained – Dentures£3,310.00£2,979.00£331.00
Implant Maintenance – Hygienist£56.00No Charge 
Radiograph (Implant Review)£12.00No Charge 
Six Months Smiles£2,600.00£2,340.00£260.00
Fixed Appliances – Metal Brackets£2,850.00£2,565.00£285.00
Fixed Appliances – Clear Brackets£3,350.00£3,015.00£335.00
Removable Retainer£125.00£112.50£12.50
Fixed Retainer£150.00£135.00£15.00
Sports Mouth Guards£75.00£60.00£15.00
Emergency Dressings ETC£36.00£28.80£7.20
Issue Prescription£15.00£12.00£3.00

Smile Care Membership

from just £8.54 per month

Plan APlan BPlan CPlan DPlan E
Dental Examinations per year22222
Hygienist scale & polish visits per year24
Routine x-rays per year22222
Hygienist implant maintenance visits per year2*4*
Implant review radiographs per year11
Discount on most clinically necessary treatments required, e.g fillings, extractions, crowns, bridges & dentures20%20%20%20%20%
Discount on most private cosmetic work, e.g tooth whitening, smile design, facial aesthetics, etc.20%20%20%20%20%
Discount on most dental implants10%10%10%10%10%
Discount on most dental orthodontics10%10%10%10%10%
Discount on additional hygiene care20%20%20%20%20%
Eligibility to request assistance from the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme**YesYesYesYesYes
Monthly cost***£11.99£15.79£8.54£17.74£25.77

Patient Testimonials

Always excellent service and the staff are nice and friendly.

My last visit was to see the hygienist and she was lovely.


What can I say, going here makes a trip to the dentist a rather pleasant experience!

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